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We Treat You Like Family

At Robert E. Kostin Law Offices, we treat each client as we would a family member… with expert legal counsel, a true desire to help, caring, compassion and patience. Anticipate seasoned legal expertise, sensitivity to your circumstances, natural rapport and a trusting relationship as we guide you through what will probably be a challenging time.


We Are Here For You

We are here for you in your civil or criminal legal situation:

  • We never charge for your initial legal consultation;
  • As our client, you receive our cell phone number to reach us days, evenings or weekends;
  • If, for economic reasons, you cannot retain an attorney, we will coach you at no charge as to how to use a court-appointed attorney, if appropriate;
  • If we believe you seek someone with different expertise, we immediately will refer you to someone with proficiency in that particular area.

People Ask Specifically For Bob

People usually learn about Robert E. Kostin Law Offices through their family, friends and colleagues who have been helped by us or just know and believe in us. The moment you meet Bob, you will understand why people choose Bob Kostin as their attorney. We seem to keep our clients forever.

Our phones ring often with new referrals and people seeking legal answers, and Bob gives honest advice and information each and every time. Our long-standing clients have referred us to their friends, colleagues, children, and even their grandchildren.

Believe it or not, when a case is over, people from the other side often call us. They appreciated how tough, respectful and fair we were and how we never demeaned them.

Initial Consultation Complimentary

At Robert E. Kostin Law Offices, we never charge for an initial consultation.


We invite you to contact us today at Robert E Kostin Law Offices: (248) 620-1030